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We have the expertise, knowledge and understanding of business to help you move toward:

  • a better managed business,
  • a better financial posture, and
  • a better way of life for your business.

The U.S. economy will continue to place pressure on all businesses where we must be aware of what our businesses are capable of and how our businesses are going to manage this ever changing economy.

We are a Process Engineering/Business Process team of specialists with a proven record in the following:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Job Costing
  • Organization Management
  • Accounting
  • Operation Accounting
  • Finance Consulting
  • Leadership Development/Business Coaching

Allectus LLC is an expert business management advisory and is the brainchild of Luis Luarca, who has spent years perfecting and confirming business methodologies that effectively help business owners throughout the United States. These methodologies are proven, unmatched by challengers, and superior to any and all competitors. Luis Luarca has found that there are key components in all business, regardless the size or industry, that require advice and guidance from outside experts. Luis Luarca and his resources are true experts in these fields (listed above) and we have the client references to prove it.

An Allectus Success Story

Here’s a question answered in the component, Leadership Development/Business Coaching.

We would rather you talk to our client references before you actually talk to us so you get a better picture of what we can do for you.     Allectus-Brandmark